Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 5:00 CST


Starting with our in-house computer graphics department, we’ll help you visualize a unique paint treatment that enhances the contours of your specific aircraft.  This complements  and reinforces the image you want to project.



To insure the highest possible quality, we follow a detailed 12 step process to complete your aircraft’s new attire.

After a thorough inbound inspection, we carefully mask the aircraft to protect windows and sensitive areas.  Then the existing finish is stripped, cleaned and rinsed before being sanded and treated for surface corrosion.

We then etch and apply alodine coating and corrosion-resistant epoxy primer before carefully sanding in preparation for the top coat.  Next, the overall paint color is electrostatically applied and then, after careful masking, paint stripes, curves, or whatever you and our design department have imagined.  Our trained technicians will go over your aircraft expertly, detailing it in preparation for final delivery, while carefully balancing flight control surfaces and applying all required placards. Finally, we’ll polish the chrome and your new paint to a stunning luster with a mirror finish!

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